SIRIUS PIR / Occupancy / Motion sensor - Model No: R1012C1 Surface mount type

SIRIUS ELEGANCE Motion sensor width= SIRIUS ELEGANCE PIR sensor SIRIUS ELEGANCE Occupancy sensor
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Product Description

MODEL: R1012C1 - Surface mount;
              Mode - Auto / (Off) / (On) capability with anti-static properties.
              (Off) and (On) mode selectable through an external switch

Mounting Type: SURFACE MOUNT - For Ceiling or side wall mounting

SIRIUS ELEGANCE series R1012 electrical energy saving occupancy sensors are PIR based occupancy sensors used for the automatic switching of electrical appliances of up to 1000VA. The sensors can be easily integrated with any existing power device. The enclosures are manufactured at an ISO 9001:2008 manufacturing facility. 

1. Auto switching of lights or other fixtures based on human occupancy in residential and commercial buildings.
2. Security systems for triggering of Buzzers or switching on Camera/DVR when human motion is detected.
3. In laboratories such as clean rooms and chemical and industrial labs.etc.

Dimension: Approx 80mm x 80mm x 36mm
Power: AC 230V ±20V, 50~60Hz
Loading: Max 1000VA or Maximum of 3 fixtures whichever is smaller
Detection Zone: 360 Degree preset or 180 degree adjustable
Detection Distance: Upto 6m or 20feet
Time adjust: 40s±2s  to  45mins±1min  adjustable
Photocell/Daylight auto ON/Off: Sunlight intensity sensing to prevent switching ON of lights when there is sufficient daylight.
Power consumption:  1Watt ±0.2 during active
                                   0.6Watt ±0.2 during idle at
                                   230V, 50Hz and 27 degrees celsius
Humidity:  <94%RH non-condensing; 30 degree celsiusmaximum dewpoint
Operating modes: Auto/(OFF)/ON” mode. OFF and ON mode selectable through a regular external switch
Sensor Type: Infrared sensor with built in interference suppression
Sensitivity control: Available across all models
Signal re-triggering mode select: Available across all models
High Voltage and Current protection: 5A fuse and Varistor
Enclosure: Manufactured at an ISO 9001:2008 facility
Material: HDPE and ABS
Colour: Blissful White

Special Instructions:
1. Do not face sensor directly towards sunlight.
2. Do not face sensor towards air vents or air conditioners as this may cause false activation.
3. Can be easily integrated with any existing power device. A professional electrician for installation is recommended.

Wiring Diagram

SIRIUS Occupancy sensor wiring

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